ACME Humidifier 2140

This is a made up product we're using for the sake of examples throughout the documentation. On this page, we'll describe the device itself to give more depth to it.

This device has two main protocols in which you can communicate with it:

  1. A REST API that was devised by ACME. This REST API is available over HTTP and HTTPS. When utilizing the REST API, you must provide a username and password. Through this API you may retrieve many pieces of information - such as the current hardware component's health (the humidifier's water level for example) and the software parameters (such as the level of humidity desired).

    Recall that REST API responses are in JSON.

  2. An command line interface over SSH that allows to run some of the commands used in the REST API, as well as others that are not available through it.

Some additional notes:

  • The ACME Humidifier 2140 is running AOS (ACME OS).
  • In the 2140 there are two water tanks, one filter and one engine.