Getting Started

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First of all, welcome on board and thank you for joining the indeni community.

To get started, we recommend these training modules.

Training ModulesDescriptionOnline Training
1 - Introduction

2 - Interrogation & Monitoring
3a - Parsing with JSON/XML Basic
3b - Parsing with JSON/XML Advanced
  • optional
4 - testing your code
Contributing codeModules 5-7 are about tools & process for contributing code
5 - Development environment setup
  • Setting up your IKL coding environment - Bitbucket, SouceTree, sublime
  • Create your own Bitbucket repository (fork) and copy the code to your local machine (clone)
6 - Pushing code to your Bitbucket Repository
  • Use Sourcetree to push new code to your repository
7 - Commit code to indeni repository
  • Pull request and code review